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shared hosting

1 GB Graduate

A stronger web presence needs a stronger package. With 1 gigabite of disk space, 10 gigabites of bandwidth and an unlimited amount of subdomains, email addresses and FTP accounts, this is our entry level package that will set you well on your way to managing your online business or high profile personal website. Access to your account via Secure Shell (SSH) gives you a stable and up-to-date development platform with which to work.

10 GB Gold

Are you a photoblogger? A little stream heavy, perhaps? This 10 gigabite package bosts enough room for you to be both, and then some. Sporting 100 gigabites of bandwidth, the ability to host up to 4 additional domain names, plus unlimited subdomains, email addresses, FTP accounts and databases lets you do a little bit of everything. And all with reasonable pricing in mind.

2.5 GB Bronze

Unleash your creativity with this middle-weight hosting package. We give you 2.5 GB of disk space, 25 gigabites of bandwidth, and access to your account via Secure Shell (SSH) for all your developing needs. Combine that with unlimited email addresses, subdomains, database and FTP accounts, plus a second domain for only $15/year, and you've got plenty of room to spread your online wings.

5 GB Silver

From mid-range blogs, to starter broadcasters, this mid-level package has all you need to get yourself heard. Boasting 5 gigabites of disk space, 50 of bandwidth, and the ability to register up to 2 additional domain names, you can be heard in just about any way you want to. Add in the unlimited subdomains, email addresses, FTP accounts and databases, and you've got plenty of room to experiment and see what works.

streaming server including automation software and control panel.

have complete automated control for your streams and automation. Includes icecast, the control panel to control all aspects of your stream

team talk

if you need a fully managed teamtalk solution, where all you have to do is manage your channels? No need to worry about if their's enough bandwidth to run your server? Then this is the package for you!

flexy plan

Ever needed a plan that comes with the ability to expand at will? That comes with everything our fixed space plans come with and more? Then this plan is for you! Starting at 5GB of disk space, and expandable as your personal or small business site grows, this plan is for you! this plan is only available on a monthly recurring subscription. This plan also includes telephone technical support, as well as backups managed by us. Optional addons include team talk and hosting mygration, contact us for details.